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Divine Design

January 11, 2011

The other day I was out for a walk. I saw a boat in a yard. That is not too unusual when you live a couple of miles from Puget Sound, except this one was full of flowers. I don’t know of any boat that was built to be a flower box. People convert all kinds of containers into planters. One of my personal favorites is the old pink toilet that becomes home to a cascading display of petunias. Have these people ever thought about the feelings of one of these poor vessels? A former throne reduced to a public spectacle! 

While these various containers can function in their revised capacity, this was never their design. Think of how this parallels our lives. God has created each one of us for a unique purpose. However, as we travel through life, we often get sidetracked. We start doing something that is not what God designed us to do. Whether it is a job, a relationship, or even volunteer service, our energies get directed away from God’s intent. These are necessarily bad things, just not the best.

We can profit from asking ourselves, “Am I as out of place as that boat full of flowers?” As we start the New Year, we have a great opportunity to assess how we are using the talents, passions, and gifts God has given to us. Take a minute to ask yourself if you are doing what God designed you to do. If not, start planning now how you will get to your divinely appointed purpose. Do you need to take a class? Maybe you need to share your dream with a supportive companion. Maybe you need to dust off your resume. A study on spiritual gifts may help to focus your efforts. 

That boat is going nowhere loaded with flowers. What about you?

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