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O Holy Night

December 25, 2010

The last guests have just left the building and it is midnight. I’m touched by the wonderful spirit that permeates every Christmas Eve. At 5 PM, we had most of the children helping to set the Nativity scene on the platform and give us a visual retelling of the story. We had four of our six seniors who graduated last year ‘home’ for Christmas. We had couples coming to share the news that they are expecting. We had couples coming to share the joy of their plans for marriage in the coming year. We had high school classmates reconnect over 30 years after graduation. Families, some four generations deep, came together to celebrate. Some children came in their parents arms; some grandparents came with the aid of a cane or a wheelchair.

It seems like young and old alike come to celebrate with a heightened sense of anticipation. We are all looking for the miracle of God becoming one of us to touch our lives in a fresh way. We all want the best present to be Christ in our hearts.

Some friends came and shared with me the hope of reconcilliation in a family that had been struggling over the past year. If you read my earlier blog you know I believe this to be one of the most powerful healing miracles of our day. This testimony is a wonderful reminder that no problem is beyond the reach of God’s grace.

I pray for all of you that the peace of Christ will fill your lives. I pray that the light of Christ will guide your path and show others the way. I pray that where ever you may be, you will be at home with Jesus this Christmas and always.

I know the story we share is mostly shaped by tradition – the setting, the animals, the characters, and even the season, but for me, for one more Christmas I again feel blessed to be able to share it with my church family. For me it is still a special night; it is a night to remember the miracle that God became one of us; it is a holy night.

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