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Are we really saving time?

December 14, 2010

The sign on the drive thru espresso stand said, “Free WiFi”. Time is a very precious commodity, but do people need to take care of business while they are in line for a latte? How much time are you really going to save checking email or surfing the web while ordering your venti cup? Is the person behind you going to get steamier than your drink?

 Saving time and using time wisely are good things. However, just because we can do it, does not make something good or beneficial. Saving two minutes every day in a Latte Line could net you more than eight hours a year; a whole day in the office. Of course, to save that much time waiting for your java would mean that you didn’t take any vacation.

That is the point. If saving time in line meant having more time, that could be a good thing. But most of us simply add more things to fill our ‘free’ time. What suffers is our relationships. We are adept at getting more work done in more creative ways, but we can easily fail to reinvest those precious minutes with the most precious people in our lives. No precious people? Maybe you need to take a few of your precious minutes to meet some!

If you can save a minute here and a minute there, the more power to you. If you are just packing more stuff in to your already stuffed minutes, maybe you need to turn off the wifi and turn your attention to the people in your life. The internet is ubiquitous, 24/7/365. It has brought us a wealth of knowledge and entertainment. It was invented to be our servant. Don’t become its slave.

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