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An Uncommon Invitation

December 6, 2010

Prince William recently did something for Kate Middleton that she never could have done for herself. He invited her into the royal family. Without his invitation, she would have remained a commoner for life. No amount of education qualifies you to be royalty. No amount of money can buy you the title. No number of social connections can move you up the ladder far enough to qualify you for royalty. You are either born into the family or invited in.

 At Christmas, we celebrate an uncommon invitation God has given to us. The spiritual term that describes us as commoners is sin. It is not flattering and certainly not filled with hope. However, in Jesus, God invited us out of the realm of common sin and into the royal reign of grace. Nothing we could learn; nothing we could do; nothing we could buy would help us to acquire grace. It is a gift of God’s love.

Christ came into the world for every human being. For those who accept the invitation, our status is radically transformed. Peter tells us that those who follow Jesus are “a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God.” This is God’s desire for everyone.

William asked Kate, “Will you marry me?” When she said, “Yes,” she was on her way to becoming royalty. Jesus asks us, “Will you follow me?” When we say, “Yes,” we begin the journey of transformation from the common life of sin to the kingdom life of grace and God says, “Welcome to the family!”

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