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What Detail

November 29, 2010

I recently had a crown placed on one of my molars. While I was in the chair, my dentist was explaining to me some of the technology available today. They can take pictures and then use digital computations to build an exact replica to replace the damaged tooth.

While I was sitting in the chair, I began to think more about this (what else can you do while the guy has his hands in your mouth?). God didn’t have any camera or any digital technology and yet he managed to design a system that would be replicated billions of times in human after human. Even a slight deviation and we would have serious toothaches daily or not be able to chew our food properly.

I don’t think of teeth as the most amazing or intricate detail of creation, but my bad tooth gave me the opportunity to think about the Creation God judged as ‘Good’. What detail in your world reminds you that this life is far from a mere accident? Think about the fact that if God could line up 32 teeth to work so well, he can line up all the details in our lives.

I invite you to stop today until you think of one aspect of your life that you take for granted. Take a minute to thank God for the awesome work he did on the smallest of details.

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