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Praying for a Miracle

November 22, 2010

Most often when I hear people talking about praying for a miracle, it has to do with health. We pray for God to cure the disease.

 A miracle that I less often hear prayer for is relational. When two people who have vowed to live their whole life committed to one another separate, a tragic set of events is set in motion. Beyond the emotional toll for these two, often children, parents, and friends carry a heavy burden.

If one of the reasons for miracles is for the world to see God’s amazing power, would this not be worthy of our prayers? It may be one or both parties have closed their hearts. God’s amazing grace can change that. Wouldn’t that be an amazing testimony of the work God can do? Wouldn’t that avoid collateral damage in others?

The statistics tell us that too seldom ‘the miracle’ happens. But I’m also convinced that too often we wait until the relationship is terminal before we pray. If you are married, who is helping you maintain your vows? If you sense trouble, who will you invite to pray before you ‘need a miracle’? Who do you know today that could use this kind of a miracle?

Note: Many great organizations exist to help support and encourage marriages. One that I have been exposed to that specializes in helping in a relational crisis is Retrouvaille. You can learn more about their ministry at

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