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November 15, 2010

What makes words a prayer? How much ‘content’ does it take to make my words a prayer? If I promise to pray for someone, can I simply say their name, or do I need to give a specific expression of what I want God to do? If I am praying for someone going into surgery, do I need to specifically ask for the left knee? Could God possibly not know which knee will be operated on? Will the surgeon not know what to do if I don’t know exactly what to pray for?

If a name is not enough, what do I need to include? Will more information be better or more effective? Can I pray for someone to ‘just’ find a job, or is it better if I say what company, what position, what pay, and when to start?

Prayer remains for me an area I long to grow in and understand more. It seems like the focus has always been on what we should say, our words. I am learning that it is more about the condition of my heart, my willingness to spend time listening, and my readiness to obey.

In the mean time, if you are praying for me, could you please pray for Philip Lee Assink, Pastor at Faith Community Church that meets at 9:00 AM on Sundays in Edmonds, Washington? I think God would know if you said, “Phil,” but just in case more information is better, I’d like to know I’m covered.

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