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I Did it for Money

November 8, 2010

Make no mistake, I did it for money. I have had other positive benefits, but money was the primary motivator. Our health plan offered us money to choose from a variety of programs that could improve our health. I chose one that focused on education and  food consumption.

I did not like the on-line program when I started. I felt talked down to and bored, but the money…. Over the ten weeks, things began to change. In a few weeks, several pounds had disappeared. So many pounds that people began to notice. Actually, this attention made me somewhat self conscious; I was doing it for the money!

I didn’t feel that different, but people could see the difference. I got to thinking, “I wish people could notice Jesus in me like they have my weight.” I fantasize about people coming up to me and instead of saying, “Have you lost weight?” they say, “Do you love Jesus more?” I realize that the harder I strive for this goal, the less likely it is to happen. I’ve come to accept the fact that this goal cannot be packaged or programmed and surely won’t happen in 10 weeks. The Spirit’s work is most often silent, inside, slow, and unseen.

 I trust that God’s grace is shaping me to be more like Jesus. I pray that people can see more of Jesus in me because that’s priceless!!

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