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Knowing Where You are Going

October 26, 2010

I was driving on Whidbey Island and the compass in my car said I was heading east. However, the highway sign said I was on a west bound road. Further complicating things, I knew I needed to go south to get to my destination! Without the aid of a map, this could be an extremely confusing situation. The map helped me to see the big picture and assure me that I would end up in the desired location. 

Many of us try to navigate life without a big picture map. We either choose a way that feels right or turn away because immediate signs make us think this is the wrong way. We make a wrong turn or turn back because our dreams are out of sight and seem far away. But in reality, they are just around the corner. Unless we have the big picture of where we are going, we are prone to feel lost and we can easily lose heart. 

God has given us a life map in the Bible. When circumstances confound us, we can find assurance that even though things seem out of sort, God is still at work in our lives and he will safely guide us home. He is the Lord of the north and the south, the east and the west and he will be with us each day. When God promises to be with us always, he means no matter which direction we are heading!

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